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How to Play N64 (Nintendo 64) Games On Android - Using Nintendo 64 (N64 emulator) - Step by Step Method

nintendo 64 emulator

Hi guys, Today in this article i'm going to show you How to play N64 (Nintendo 64) Games on Android using Nintendo 64/N64 Emulator.If you also a n64 game lover or gamer then you want to play your favorite n64 games on your android.If you can not get a new N64 (Nintendo 64) now that does not mean you can not play your old favorite games on your Android phone.You can use a dedicated emulator to play your favorite N64 games right on your android Mobile phones with same graphics.these games doesn't need any type of higher smart phones it only needs a smartphone with only 128mb rams.

                                                                                      i'm going to show you all process and methods to play n64 games on your Android using best emulator for N64. you can play your favorite high end games like Spiderman,mario 64,donkey kong and etc.

What is Emulator :

It is hardware or software that enables one computer system to behave like another computer system. An emulator is typically enables the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system.

System Requirements :

These games Only Needs 128 MB of ram and maximum size of a game is 90mb.

Download these Before Start -

N64 Emulator (N64iod) - Click Here To Download

Process/Installation :

NO-1 . First of all, You have to Download and Install Nintendo 64 /n64 Emulator that is n64iod on Your Android phone.

NO-2 .first of all, You have to download game file and emulator .you Can find these games

NO-3. Now Launch/Open N64iod Emulator. And it will show a file manager like surface.

NO-5. .Go to the folder where your Game file save (.zip format) (Note - Don't Extract game file (i,e Zip file)

NO-6. Then Click on it and Enjoy (^o^)


Personally i liked n64 emulator games very much beacuse it makes it very easy to play your Favorite N64 (using N64 emulator) games on your Android phone. It gives you to play better games in low size such as super mario 64,donkey kong 64,spiderman,superman  many more).

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