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Acer Swift 5 Laptop Review | 14 Inch Super-Light Weight Laptop

Acer Swift 5 Laptop Review 

Hello guys today i am gonna review a light weight business laptop,for professionals who travel a lot having a lightweight laptop long makes a huge difference for a long time the MacBook Air was considered as a treat entry point for somebody who was looking for a lightweight laptop however even atone point three five kilograms it isstill not incredibly lightweight now one such solution was to use a hybrid tablet like the Microsoft Surface pro or even the Apple iPad pro however with such devices you're sort of limited to a 12-inch screen size not very powerful internals and a keyboard that's not as comfortable as a regular laptop now as has a pretty interesting solution with its new offering called the Swift five now this might look like an ordinary 14-inch laptop but it actually weighs just 970 grams which makes it incredibly light let's see.

this so light well one solution would be to use maybe plastic or poly carbonate for the body however that really wouldn't make it through durable especially for long-term use and when you pick on the laptop it does sort of feel like a plastic but it's actually not used two different types of magnesium alloys for the bill here so the one on the lid and the base is using a magnesium lithium alloy whereas the keyboard area uses a magnesium aluminium alloy now this makes a lot of really rigid even though it may not feel or look like it especially if you try and flex the base there isn't any flex and what we really like is that the lid provides really good protection for the display so even if you sort of forced to walk the pixels on the screen nothing really happens which is really good now the lid can rotate all the way 180 degrees at the back and it's got good torsion so it stays put no matter which angle you choose and it also gives you good flexibility when whether you'resitting in a car and typing or you know just lounging around the house now even though this laptop is very light it's not exactly thin it's around 14 millimeters in thickness and thanks to that you get full-sized USB ports so on the right we have two USB 3 type-a ports you also get a USB type-c port which is a USB 3.1 gen2 on standard you get an HDMI port you get a charging port here and over to the left you get a headphone
and microphone combo socket and you get a little two LED status lights for powerand battery charging now while this is a good selection of physical ports on the laptop it is missing a LAN or an Ethernet socket but more importantly you don't get an SD card reader which is a real shame and we wonder why Acer would have ditched it given there seems to be plenty of space around it now this means you do have to carry along a USB SD card reader with you which isn't really very convenient now for the display we have a 14 inch full HD IPS panel which gives you good viewing angles and pretty rich saturated colors there's also touch import which we didn't really find too useful since you
can't really convert this laptop into your tablet but it is there if you want to use it now the one thing that we didn't quite like about the display is the level of brightness which doesn't really get too bright
especially if you're using it under sunlight.
                                                                 General system and our performance is prettygood on the Swift fire thanks to the SSD via quick boot times and the quad core or i5 CPU is also very capable and in some benchmarks we actually managed to get scores that are very similar to the 7 gen core i7 CPUs from Intel the laptop also runs pretty cool and quiet most of the time now if you're doing basic work like internet browsing or just working on world documents the fans don't really spin up too much so the laptop stays quiet however when you fire up a game or do anything CPU intensive the fans are a bit audible now it's regularly used we didn't find the swift fire to get to or either there's plenty of vents at the bottom and there's an exhaust to vent just up behind the hinge over here of a
good air circulation it does care to slightly warm at the base when you're charging or running a game but apart from that it runs pretty cool now the full HD resolution on the 14 inch display is great for watching videos and you also get plenty of screen real estate for working on spreadsheets or making PowerPoint presentations the Swift fire also boasts off stereo speakers that are placed at the bottom
and they can get pretty loud thanks to Dolby audio app or the bass is pretty limiting however the vocals and dialogue delivery in movies are pretty crisp now in order to make this laptop this light ISA has had to compromise on the battery a bit there's only a 2 cell battery which is rated to deliver 8 hours of battery life but in reality we match to squeeze out just about 5 hours with the regular usage
so this was our review of the Asus Swift,

Specification :
Processor Type
Intel Core i7
Hard Drive Capacity
512.00 GB
Processor Speed
1.80 GHz
Manufacturer Part Number
RAM Memory
16.00 GB
Operating System
Windows 10
Battery Life
8.00 h
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)18.75 x 3.90 x 1.20 Inches
Screen Size
14.00 in
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