Nokia 6.1 Plus Honest Review - Is Nokia 6.1 Good OR Not ?

Nokia 6.1 Plus REVIEW

Nokia 6.1 Plus Review

hey guys what's up this is Chandan today we are reviewing the Nokia 6.1 plus so let's quickly get started but to be quite honest ever since Nokia came back with HMD the nokia 6.1 plus is the kind of device I was expecting from the company the phone is well priced it has a good amount of specifications for the price and is extremely well made and durable to start off with the design the phone does have a notch display which to the liking or disliking of many has become a reality for most smartphones in 2018 you do have a glass front and a glass back and a vertically placed dual camera layout on the back with nice chrome accents that makes the device look extremely a premium you do get a slight bit of bump thanks to the camera layout and on the back you can also see the Android one branding which means that this is a Android one device which has its pros as well as a few cons if you look around the device you will see that the frame of the phone is in a matte finish but the buttons have a nice metallic finish.
                                                                    Overall device look extremely premium as well now the front despite the notch has a considerable amount of chin at the bottom which does house the nokia branding you also do have a fair bit of top and side bezel but if you look at the device closely you don't really notice that that much of the bezel is there the display in itself is a Full HD Plus display with a 5.8 inch size and in nineteen is the nine aspect ratio hiding in the notch is a 16 megapixel front-facing camera and it does have an f/2 aperture the bottom of the phone does have a USB type-c port a speakerphone and a microphone nicely laid out in a really nice symmetrical design over the right is where your power and volume buttons sit and the phone continues to get a 3.5 mm headphone jack despite its 7.9 thickness if you include the camera bump the overall thickness of the phone is 8.59 millimeters the phone is also lightweight and it weights in only at 151 grams the 6.1 plus is priced at 15,999 and is available on Flipkart I leave a link to buying it in the description below for those who are interested for this price you do get Android one out of the box which allows the phone to get quicker updates as far as Android updates are concerned so this will be one of the first devices hopefully to get Android 9 when it starts officially rolling out on to devices which will be soon after the pixel 3 or pixel 3 excels official launch now from a day-to-day performance aspect because the device is running more or less stock Android you will find that the phone is extremely responsive and extremely easy to use the size of the phone something that you're looking for I would have liked to sees one sort or gestures available on the device those unfortunately are not available and installing third-party apps also has not allowed me to play around with the gestures on the device so you will continue to see navigation until there is official support for gestures which we should see with Android 9 now by default the phone does have a 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of on-board storage and is available only in the two colors the black that you see we have and there is also a blue color that is available the phone call capability is quite  you're looking for a pure performance hardware spec comparison then for 16,000 rupees and if you can spend another four to five thousand rupees and get the poco f1 I would highly recommend that and if you can afford to do that then the Nokia 6.1 Plus becomes irrelevant for you but if you are looking for a phone in this price bracket the nokia 6.1 is a pretty good option ,it looks really nice it performs decently well it's not the best gaming phone so you won't get the best hardware performance from this cameras are good the software is good you will get quick software updates it is stock Android which makes me like this phone a little bit more but like I said from a specification point of view this sort of dwindles in front of devices like the poco f1 and even I guess the me a2 which does offer up stock Android and slightly better performance for day-to-day things and for gaming that's it for our review if you like this post then share with your friends

        Specifications :

  • 4 GB RAM | 64 GB ROM | Expandable Up to 400 GB
  • 5.8 inch FHD+ Display
  • 16MP + 5MP Dual Rear Camera | 16MP Front Camera
  • 3060 mAh Battery
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Octacore Processor
  • Android One with Oreo 8.1

 Nokia 6.1 plus

Nokia 6.1 Plus Honest Review - Is Nokia 6.1 Good OR Not ? Nokia 6.1 Plus Honest Review - Is Nokia 6.1 Good OR Not ? Reviewed by techogames on September 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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