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Lethe – Episode One The Game - Free Download

Free Download Lethe – Episode One is a 2016 first-person survival horror video game created by Greek indie developer Koukou Studios and published by Faber Interactive. It was released on 1 August 2016. Episode One is the first game of the Lethe series of planned video games that take place in the same universe but as of March 2018, no other episodes were published, which is why Episode One is also referred to as Lethe.
Episode One tells the story of Robert Dawn, a man on an adventure to fill in gaps in his memory. It received mixed reviews from critics.
After his father died, protagonist Robert Dawn finds documents that reveal that he has forgotten a significant part of his past, prompting him to go on a quest for discovery. The game starts with Dawn washing up at the shore of an unknown mining town. In the course of the game, he has to navigate different environments and avoid enemies as he tries to piece together his forgotten past.
Players take control of Robert Dawn from a first-person perspective. Unlike other adventure games, there are no weapons or combat.Instead, players have to rely on stealthily navigating the landscape, avoiding various hazards such as acid lakes and chasm. The player has three statistics, health, stamina and (psychic) energy, the latter of which allows them to use Dawn's telekinetic powers which the character develops mid-game. The game has no inventory system, allowing players to only carry five health and energy packs but nothing else.

Size - 1.41 GB

Minimum System Requirements
Operating SystemWindows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
Processor2.0 GHz dual core
RAM / Video Memory2GB /512 MB
Hard Drive7.5 GB
Video CardDirectX 9.0 Compatible Card
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