6 Best Video Editors For PC,MAC - Best VIdeo Editing Softwares (Both Free & Paid)


Hi Guys,Today I’m Going to show you Top 6 Best Video Editing Software For PC.After watching this video, You have a decent idea of What good video editors are their in the market (both free and paid one) And which one is the best for you.Now, when it comes to video editing different people have different needs Like - Some people just want to combine few clips And call it a day, While others Wants total control over video editing Like color grading, chroma key, and sleek animation.Now, obviously, we can not go in-depth in each video editor I’ll try to pick up some of the best one Each category. Depending on price, support for OS And ease of use So, like always, all the download links will be in the description below.

6.Shotcut (FREE)

When it comes to decent and free video editing software I guess, Windows movie maker is the first thing to cross most our mind. 5 Years back, I made video on this channel using Movie maker But, unfortunately, those days are gone As of 2017, Microsoft, no only Ended the support for Movie maker, But it’s also no longer available for download. Now, some of you may be thinking, Well what about from downloading it from other sources Well, I did try that And it simply doesn’t work.So, the most functional alternative to movie maker I could find out is Which is very much Similar to windows movie maker Shotcut [it’s like the word shortcut but with no R] This video editor is free and open source and available for Windows, Mac and linux But how good is it? Well, first time you open the app There is just one big screen window No timeline or library options But, after watching couple of YT videos I found out you need to enable these two from the settings. Now, it’s like all the traditional video editing software Just import your clips And drag and drop them in your timeline. Basic options like trimming and joining two clips are there You can also add layers For background music And a bit of text and transitions By going to filter options And that’s it, At most, this is a pretty basic video editing app But, when it comes to free This is best you get.


5.iMovie [MacOS] (FREE)

iMovie [MacOS] However, if you are rich enough to have macOS Then look no further than iMovie It’s free and already come pre- installed on your mac Just like all Apple products, The interface is super intuitive When you first launch the app It ask you Whether you want to create a movie from the pre built template Or do everything from scratch. In the themes, you just have drag and drop your files And it’ll take care of everything else, from transitions, to music everything But for most part, you want to start with no themes So, just like the previous one drag and drop files to your library and then import them your timeline Cut them Add some text, But, what’s different here is The timeline is magnetic So, if you mean one clip, the associate audio file and text also movie And it also support bunch of cool text animation and transitions Overall, as long as you don’t need fancy stuff like keying, color correction iMovie should work find for you There are many Youtubers with more than 1 millions subs Who still uses iMovie. And the best part is, It also works on iPhone and iPad.


4.Movavi (PAID)
So, the first one is - Movavi It’s cost $40, and is available for both Windows and MacOS Now, since, I’ve done a separate video on that I’ll make it short So, what I really like about this app It’s simple and yet have basic and somewhat advanced features Like some modern text animations, Transitions You can even add chroma key and KEN burn etc. The only problem, I had with movavi is They don’t have a media import windows So, everything you include goes directly To your timeline. Which make it difficult to work with large projects. overall, this app is a good mixture of simplicity and features.


3.Power DirectorV(PAID)
Powerdirector It’s available for windows and cost somewhat around $70 I’ve used this editor for 2 years, Before switching to macOS And IFRC, Another popular youtuber tim schofield Still uses it till date. Now, I won’t get into much features As it as all That you’ll ever need Trim, cut, join Layer supports Animation, video effect You name it. But yeah, recently they have added supported for 360 videos and 4k Which, most video editor in this category does not do Overall, if you are looking for some long-term video editor Which is easy to learn, has all the basic features And doesn’t require an extremely power system Then Powerdirector make sense.


2.DaVinci (FREE)
DaVinci Resolve by black magic This one a lot powerful and feature rich than power director And still it’s available for both Windows and Mac OSX for free So, what’s the play here? Well we’ll come to that later on But first Let’s take a look at the editor. And the first thing you’ll notice while running this app is You need a powerful system At Least 8GB of RAM, i5 and a graphic card Even on my fairly powerful PC with above specs Was not powerful enough, But it still work So, when you open the app there are 4 options at the bottom. MEDIA EDIT COLOR and DELIVER So, in the media option, your import all your clips In the edit panel you arrange them and add text and transition as you want They are pretty heavy on color correction, which is why there is separate option for this And finally export, with your desired.


1.Adobe Premier (PAID)
Adobe Premier Pro has to be on this list It’s available for both window and mac and With creative suite it cost around 240$/year ( yup the price is too high) Now, there are thousands of features in premiere pro That there is no way, I can list all of them And honestly, Haven't touch PP for past 2 years, So, I’m not sure If I’m even capable of review it But there are two biggest reason, Why you want to learn PP (now noticed, I didn’t say use PP but learned) So, first is, you have spend a good time learning the this software If you like to play with a lot of frames And move things around like we see in game theorist video Then PP is the only and best video editing app .



So, let’s wrapping up everything Just like for anything The more you spend you spend The more features you get Though, the system requirement and learning curve also increase with that as well. Overall, If you are looking for basic video editor That gets the job done Go for shortcut or imovie if you have mac For more balanced video editor, Like for say YouTube I would go with PowerDirector And if you need more control on every aspect of editing Then go with premier pro Or FCP if you have mac I personally use FCP on my iMac and I’ve no plans of switching to anything else. Well this is all for now, I’m going to explore this video editing a lot more in future So, if you have any video request let me know in the comments Also, subscribe, and like this video for more So, yeah, that’s pretty much it And I’ll see on Wednesday, And yes, like always thanks for Reading this Article.
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