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How To Download From Paid Shortlink Sites ? - Step By Step Process

How To Download From Paid Shortlink Site :

How To Download From Paid Shortlink Sites

Download From Paid Shortlink site is sometime tricker but in this article i am gonna Shows you 5 Steps best method to download files through paid shortlink sites. So, Lets Started


Click on the link and you will visit a site like this.then you have to Tick/Click on the Check box.


Then a box appears with a easy question and some random images according to the question.you have tick/click on the right question and click on the "Verify" Button.


After you "Verify" you question Click on the "Click Here To Continue" Button.


Then you visit another page and then you have to wait for Only 5-10 Seconds.


And the final Step is Click on "Get Link"and after that you can reach your desination.

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