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How to Get YouTube on Jio Phone | Features and Settings

How to Get YouTube on Jio Phone | Features and Settings 

After launching whatsapp reliance you has finally started rolling out the YouTube app for jio phone and jio phone - and in this video we are going to take a first look of YouTube on the jio phone so let's get started to download the YouTube app make sure that your phone is running the latest version of Kai OS to check that go to settings and from under the device tab tap on software update once your phone is updated to the latest firmware just head over to cheer store in the menu and look for YouTube app under the entertainment tab tap on it and hit install once done open the app first up right on the boom screen you will see three tabs up top boom trending and account by clicking on the account tab you can sign in to your Google account to get personalized results under the Home tab additionally you will also notice that the subscription tab now appears on the home screen navigating around the app is done with the help of the on-screen cursor using the d-pad this can get a little annoying if you are used to using the app on a touchscreen device while watching a video the volume can be controlled using the one and three keys the interface here is similar to what you see on Android and iOS devices it's just that the screen on the pure phone is quite small however you do get the option to play videos in full-screen mode that means the screen orientation from portrait to landscape you also get the option to share your favorite videos on facebook twitter and google+ notably advanced features such as dark mode or the incognito mode aren't available here the app also doesn't have an option to download videos for offline viewing it is worth noting that the overall experience of using YouTube via a dedicated app is identical to how YouTube site works on the browser app so that was our first look at the YouTube app for jio phone thanks for reading this blog.


Operating SystemProprietary
Device TypeNon-Touchscreen
USB Connector TypeMicro USB
FeaturesGPS, FM Radio
Connectivity4G LTE (India Compatible), 3G, 2G, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, VoLTE (Works with Jio)
Headphone Jack Type
Rear Camera Resolution
Internal Storage
Battery Capacity
2.4 Inch

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