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World's Smallest 3D Openworld Game On Android - Driv3r - 2019 - GBA

World's smallest Openworld Android Game - Driv3r 

Hello guys,Today i'm gonna show you smallest openworld crime game which you can play on android.This is basically a gba game and very popular game called as "driv3r".It is a gta like game which is openworld crime based game.This game size is only 3mb .You can drive cars killing people,Fire bullets,run missions and many more things to do.the main protagonist is a undercover cop as well as hidden gangster this is the 3rd installment of driver series.this is only one problem in this game the quality is very less because its only 3mb but the game is amazing and entertaining.
                              For playing this game you have do some easy steps then your game will be run. And you can enjoy this game. All these process and required files are given down below .if you like this blog then visit us again :-)

*How To Play -

  • First download the Emulator File (download link in below) 
  • Then Download the Game file (download link in below)
  • Then install the emulator File (Myboy.apk)  
  • Then go to the Emulator (interface like file manager )
  • Then go to the folder where you game is saved
  • Then click on the game file (Driv3r.zip) 
  • Enjoy your game

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