TOP 5 Best Multiplayer Android & iOS Games - 2019

Hey,everyone some of you guys have asked about some online multi-player games so here you go today on on our article we're gonna be counting down our top picks for the top 10 best multiplayer games for Android and iOS hoped you enjoy our list.

5.Golf Gang World Tour
starting off at number 5 we have golf gang World Tour in this game you'll participate in one-on-one matches you'll find awesome graphics and awesome locations and customizable characters realistic game physics and easy intuitive stick control the system will select your opponent then try to get around the competitor by making one or more perfect hits and having one you'll receive a cash reward during the game you'll be able to discover various improvements including the choice of new more powerful golf clubs as well as the modernization of existing ones now you can also use the appropriate wedges for the club depending on the field conditions and at non-standard positions of the impact.

4.Counter Snipe
In Number four  we have counter snipe now this is a first-person shooter where you play a sniper belonging to one of two rival factions the axiom agents and the Kaos agents now the battles lost about two minutes and are fought between two teams of four players each the team that reaches 20 points first wins it's important to consider that being good snipers both you and your enemies will stay still at all times so you only have to worry about aiming to do this well you'll need a steady hand and at the beginning of the game you only have one rifle available basic ammunition and a simple bulletproof vest and as you play in win rounds however you'll be able to unlock tons of additional content eight

3.Rebel Racing
In Number three we have rebel racing rebel racing is a 3d driving game where you can get behind the wheel of dozens of vehicles from real car makers and compete on the track set in the u.s. west coast your aim to become the fastest racer in the USA at the start of the game you've got just one vehicle in your garage and a couple of tracks to drive on but as you play and win races you can upgrade your vehicle and when you do you can take part in better competitions or you can win even better cars plus you can customize your cars as desired with all sorts of pieces overall is a spectacular driving game with lovely graphics controls that are perfect for touch screens

2.Dead By Daylight
In Number two we have dead by daylight this is one of the most iconic multiplayer horror games on mobile just like it's PC and desktop console versions for survivors are out to escape from an assassin who possessed supernatural powers your enemy will do everything in his power to get rid of all of you as you can imagine the survivors and the assassin or player controlled controls are really well adapted to touchscreens the movement virtual stick is located on the left side of the screen and the action buttons are located on the right depending on whether you're in control of a survivor or the assassin there are different controls available.
Size - 1.6 GB

1.Warface Global Operation  
finally at number one we have more faced global operations war faces on multiplayer shooting game that focuses on the classic team deathmatch mode this time two teams of up to five players get face to face inside a setting that is specially designed to deliver a perfectly balanced we experience rounds are four minutes long perfect for short but thrilling online encounters some of the maps also request special objectives such as capturing certain areas of the map and in any case it's usually enough to get rid of all the opponents you can set your eyes on before they do the same to you.
Size - 1.6 GB

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