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Top 5 Best Photo Editors For Android & iOS - Best Photo Editing Softwares (Both Free & Paid)

TOP 5 Best Photo Editing APPs For Android & iOS

Here we are y'all, mobile photography's where we've been at, we took a look at mobile lenses so now we're taking better photos, the logical next question would be,how do I edit those photos? How do I take a pretty nice photo and just turn it into a (imitates explosion) Instagram banger or killer story post? These are the mobile apps that I've been using everyday to take my photo game up to the next level but before we jump in, one, nobody's paying me to say any of this. so we're gonna talk about the features that I use the most often, and show you how to use them. And last, three, this is going to be a mix of free and paid apps, but you have my word, I will not show off any apps that are paid unless I truly believe they're worth purchasing. With that, let's jump right in.

5.Touch Retouch (Paid)

The easiest and fastest way that I've found to touch up photos, to remove unwanted objects, and to clone stamp is using an app called TouchRetouch. I genuinely thought this app was way overhyped until I used it. It's suspiciously accurate; I mean, here, so maybe I want this golf shot of my mom to look like she's golfed where nobody else has golfed yet. We jump into Object Removal, zoom in slightly, highlight some of those divots from other golfers and hit Go, incredibly accurate

4.Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom, it is still my go-to photo app for every single edit that I do on my phone. If you're already in that Adobe world and you already own a subscription to Adobe, cloud syncing of your photos and presets across devices is incredible especially for pulling mobile photos into your desktop edit workflow and desktop presets to your mobile phone. I'm constantly using my own presets as well as presets from others as starting points for each of my edits. Within the app, for all of your basic and standard light and color edits, you've got all your standards that Adobe's known for; exposure, contrast, temperature, tint, saturation, vibrance, but then you've also got color mix where you can really dial in the hue, saturation and luminance for any specific color. You've got curves with RGB breakouts, split toning, clarity which I use a ton, this is why this is my bread and butter for all my photo you can really see how powerful Lightroom is and how much you can do just from your mobile phone.
3.Photoshop Mix
Photoshop Mix. Now if you're staying up on Instagram trends, there is a huge movement right now towards compositing,people creating these elaborate scenes from multiple photos and guys like Visuals of Julius are kinda leading the way in that. What they're creating is just like Instagram masterpieces, right, but what Photoshop Mix allows you to do is easily add multiple photo layers, edit them, manipulate them, and allows you to create these composite photos. Its really cool way to use Photoshop Mix to just spice up your edits.

2.Lens Distortions
Lens Distortions really has some beautiful photo overlays to represent lens flares, the sun, weather elements. The free version gives you plenty of filters across a number of categories to bring that added interest and that added spice to your photos.This app changes just the whole feel of the photo. we're gonna go with it. The free version of Lens Distortions has been plenty for me, I really like the overlays that they include but they do have a paid version as well which gives you a handful more overlays. It is a really quick and awesome way to do that is with really good photography.

1.Word Swag
Word Swag,I mean their font selection is second to none in the App Store in my opinion. we can cycle through a few different options and you can just see how wide of a variety there is. They have more of a graphic design feel than just a font selection which I really, really like. So I'm digging this look, we can change the color and size of it, and then we can make key photo edits with filters to give it a totally different mood. There's a blur slider, which I actually use a lot especially when I wanna tell my followers that I have a new post up, you can even add a company logo, and then go directly to your social media  It is $5 to unlock all of the app's features which feels a little bit pricey for an app focused solely on adding text to your photos, but especially if you're a power user of Instagram Stories, this is really a huge upgrade to what Instagram offers and gives you so much versatility, so many options all within one app. Staying in the land of Instagram Stories, and just creating these beautiful like advertisement grade Instagram Stories,

That's it for today, y'all! A sneak peak into the editing apps that I'm using on my phone for photo editing and anyways, thanks for reading this article and visit us again if you found the article helpful.

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