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Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive the fourth installment of the Uzumaki Chronicles series.its Like prequel, the very popular anime game.its is based on the famous manga and anime series naruto.naruto is only 74 mb and requires low ram phone.you can go to the download page link below.

Size - 74MB


The enemy ninjas from the Land of the Sky, committing vengeance, turn against the people of the Leaf Village for devastating the Sky Country in the Second Great Ninja World War.
While Naruto UzumakiSakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuga accompany Amaru and Doctor Shinnō back to their village, Sai and Shino Aburame destroy the sky ninja ship base. Orochimaru, suffering his expired body, orders Sasuke Uchiha to get a man helping him perfect his reincarnation. At the burning village, Amaru searches for everyone and the traps seemingly kill Shinnō. After Amaru recovers the sense, they continue to find them. After Hinata is separated from the team, Amaru is possessed by the Zero-Tailed monster Reibi. Naruto transforms into a demon, but the seal suppresses the Nine-Tailed Fox chakra within him and Amaru resists the power to destroy Reibi. At the floating fortress Ancor Vantian, Naruto learns that the recovered Shinnō betrayed them, used Amaru to research the power of darkness fifteen years ago and the village's secret scroll. After Shinnō temporarily activates Body Revival Technique, Naruto stops Amaru from committing suicide and despite their memories. Sasuke intervenes the attack and tells the weakened Shinnō to help Orochimaru, but Shinnō refuses, gives the reincarnation jutsu scroll to Sasuke and falls into the trap door. Naruto and Sasuke confront Shinnō revealing the giant cocoon to be the Zero-Tails and transforming into a chakra absorbing monster. After Sasuke releases the curse mark and Naruto with the fox chakra, they overload to defeat Shinnō with the Lightning Blade and Tornado Rasengan, causing the base to fall. While the leaf ninjas infiltrate to destroy it, Amaru, Hinata and the freed villagers prepare to leave. After Naruto destroys the fortress with the Rasengan (螺旋丸lit. spiral sphere, English manga: "Spiral Chakra Sphere") and falls through the sky, Amaru rides on the glider to save him. They landed safely on Gamabunta.
After returning to the hideout and giving the scroll to Orochimaru, Sasuke continues training.

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